Is it legal for my landlord to come into my apartment without me present?



No its not legal by law and by the moral values. He even can't come when you are in the apartment without your permission. If he want to discuss or ask anything can call or text you or can leave letter in letterbox or in front of the apartment etc. But he/she is not allowed to enter in the apartment. You are paying not using his/her apartment free of cost. You can take legal action if you want but better to discuss with him/her and restrict him/her about your privacy. Thank You hope you will like this detailed answer

Check yourlease.If not mentioned there whey still can with advance notice on non emergency situations, or immediately if an emergency

If it's in your lease and you signed it they can

They are not supposed to but they do.All they have to do is say they smell smoke & it's OK.

I taped my landlord sniffing my undies while I was at work

A landlord must either 1.) provide advance notice according to state landlord-tenant law, or. 2.) have a valid reason for entry, i.e., an emergency, showing the rental to prospective tenants, etc.

You are bound by law to provide access. In some states, NJ for example, a tenant may change the locks without requiring to give the landlord a copy. But you are still bound by law to provided access and it is not required that the tenant be present.

Exceptions are if the landlord is making numerous pointless visits which could be a form of harassment. Laws regarding advance notice vary considerably, depending on state law. It could be a 24-hour notice posted on the door, or 72 hours advance notice in writing. This all depends on the state in which you reside.

In cases of a dire emergency a landlord can enter the rental without notice; burst pipes, sudden leaky roof in a rainstorm, etc.


Like, if the pipes burst, or there's a fire, or something like that happens, these are typically the times when the landlord comes in without permission.

But, yes.

Yes with notice, or in an emergency

unless it's an emergency, he is legally bound to give you 24 hours notice ................