I'm a 44 year old bookworm. I have eclectic tastes & have read bit of fantasy.Would I enjoy to read Lord of the Rings now I'm an old man?



Your 44 years young, not old.

Sorry! I meant Grendel, not Beowulf (it's based on Beowulf).

Probably, but there are no guarantees.Some people find the lack of decent female characters and one-note nobility of most of the main characters a bit tiresome.

It's a tough read, but you seem well read so give it a go.

You don't have to be as old as Gandalf

I am a little older than you and I enjoyed the movies and the Peter Jackson live action remakes and the BBC audio dramas but did get very far reading the print book because only The Hobbit is a easy read. I thought I would fall asleep when I listened to part one of The Silmarillion in the car but it got better in part 2. .

I personally prefer to read (or listen to) a David Eddings book more but nearly every library has the books and you can likely start reading in a kindle preview so no reason not to start reading them.

You might also find it helpful to listen to some of the Tolkien Professor https://tolkienprofessor.com/lectures/ho...

An old man, at 44?
What nonsense.

Never mind asking a bunch of random strangers: just start reading. If you don't like it, put it down and read something else.

PS Just by the way, the standard English phrasing would be "Would I enjoy READING The Lord of the Rings ...?"

I think so.It's held up well, unlike some older sci fi and fantasy.The pacing is good, although a bit slow by modern standards, but those of us who are older tend to be more patient.

You might also enjoy Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

i dont see why not

It is written for adults and perhaps you would but I personally found it a bit of a slog to get though. I think there is better Fantasy series out their that are more complex and interesting. Such as:
A Game of Thrones
Assassin Apprentice
The Color of Magic