What are some of the top things MRAs want to see change in American society?


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When it comes to accountability for one's actions, that women are held to the same standard men are held to. For example, in the criminal courts and in the workplace.


Women in chains, preferably to a cooker.

We need to make women more accountable for their actions. The government needs to stop thinking that they are there to clean up after the woman, for every time she makes a mess of something. Because the default reason is usually, that every time a woman make mistakes, it is a man's fault. Us guys are not on this earth as some sort of reason for women to throw blame.

What the hell is an MRA?

Whereas I cannot speak for Ami MRAs nor for American society, I can thereof speculate.

1. Update of ALL laws and public policies to be gender-neutral.

2. Dedication of all family courts to be gender-neutral in adjudications of divorce and child-custody conflicts.

3. Conversion of ALL government owned and/or operated desktop /laptop/ tabletcomputers to Linux.

4. Criminal prosecutions, in a gender-neutral way, of ALL criminals even if his or her name includes the word "Clinton".

5. Gender-neutral tweet storms by social media hate mobs.

Added @Stylem:

Well, you are right about that, good sir or madame.

“Gender-neutral” is not a 'thing'; rather it is an 'adjective' that modifies a noun.

For example, if a law applies only to one class of profession and not to other professions, it is not a "class-neutral" law.

If a regulation applies to all cars without regard to the manufacturer, then that regulation is a "manufacturer-neutral" regulation.

If a law applies only to Belgians and not to Poles, then that law is not an "ethnicity-neutral" law nor a "nation-neutral" law.

If a legal requirement of action applies to women but not to men, then that is not a "gender-neutral" requirement. That would be a sexist legal requirement. For example, "All 18 year-old females MUST register for military duty, but NOT 18 year-old males." That would be horribly sexist and non-neutral and thus unacceptable.

The term may also be used as a predicate adjective.An example of that might be "All public policies should be gender-neutral". Thus describing an attribute of "policies".

Furthermore, if an object is unaffected by the gender of the subject acting upon it or with it or in some other method of interaction, then that object may be called "gender-neutral".

A typical example would be: "This Austrian device can be operated properly and safely without regard to the gender of the user and is therefore a "gender-neutral Glock™".

By the by, some Feminists™ may have taken away your comma. Best of luck.

I’d like to see measures taken to ensure child custody payments are fair and actually goes to the child.It’s unfair, I’m required to pay more in child support than I did on my child when married, and it breaks my heart to see my daughter’s mother spending much of the money on herself instead of on our child.

Equal custody laws in all states is a big one, some want to see child circumcision as a practice end, some want to see an end to laws that discriminate against men.

An acceptance that Feminism has achieved its intended goals