Do you believe in global warming?


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I come from the era of the 60s. I can tell you as a fact that it has gotten hotter in my state during the summer and colder during the winter. We used to have lots of flowers with bees going from flower to flower pollinating now all the flowers are dead there's no more growing. The summers are baking hot and the winters are getting freezing cold. Something darn sure is happening


I absolutely believe in global warming as a natural progression regarding climate trends. BUT, I also believe that the earth is not designed to house over seven billion people and not respond by changing environmental weather patterns. Regardless of whether one believes in it or not, is it so incredibly difficult to be even mildly more mindful of consumption? Do you really need to quadruple plastic bag your groceries? Do you really need the equivalence of an 18 wheeler as a petite individual?
These are just little things we could all be more careful about, and they could leave to positive changes.

If we stopped emitting new CO2 today, and held existing concentrations constant, we would see the earth continue to warm up in quite some time.

Wait!! Not now... we are 2 degrees up and another 8 degrees further up to go, and by then most people would.

In the 1950 snow would last for weeks, now only a couple of days. 50's we had storm that doped 2 or more feet of snow, now only inches; so some thing is taking place!

When you ask about "global warming" do you mean just the warming of the globe or is there also some implication that man is mainly responsible?

not a belief, the evidence supports it.

I believe in science, who knows what you mean by global warming.

Of course. I taught ecology and worked in the field. What's not to believe? Don't you believe that the Sun rises in the east (or appears to)?

Believe in it? That's like asking me if I believe in evolution or gravity. I understand that global warming is what's currently taking place, if that's what you mean.

It's a naturally-occurring event, as is global cooling spells ........................