Why does my dog stare at my boobs sometimes?


Best Answer

Your dog doesn't know what boobs are, and is not attracted to boobs.
Your dog is just staring at you ... either they are silent asking for something (a treat, a walk, a chance to go outside and pee), or they are trying to be the dominant dog in the pack.


he wants to motorboat those babies.

He wants to rip them to shreds.

The dog wants to date you.

Don't quit your day job.

They stick out?

Because you live in fantasy land.

Get over yourself.Human boobs mean nothing to a dog.He wouldn't care if you didn't have any boobs at all.Cut 'em off & he wouldn't even notice.

omg lol dogs don't know that boobs are sexualized, calm down. Don't think anything of it

Is it a male dog?

If he's a male dog, he may well be attracted to you. (Interspecies sexual attraction does happen occasionally, you know!)