What factors besides Carbon Dioxide can contribute to Global Warming?


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Many factors contribute to it, but the increase in CO2 is the only factor that can account for the amount of warming now taking place. Without the added CO2, it would be impossible to account for the current warming.

We burn fossil fuel to produce electricity. Burning it generates heat and other output that turn turbines, gathering energy and storing it as electricity, which can be delivered out over the grid. We must invest in clean energies to stop the constant burning of fossil fuels.

water, CO2, CH4,CFC, ozone, nitrous oxide, HFC and HCFCs

Other greenhouse gases, like methane (cow farts) and ozone (maybe the hole in the ozone layer was good after all), also contribute to global warming.

Celebrities and politicians big ol jet airliners.


The Sun, a decrease in aerosols, a decrease in cosmic ray flux.

Just because these factors CAN contribute to global warming doesn't mean that they are right now.

Methane, deforestation, Volcanos, overpopulation, I could go on.

feedbacks like more water vapor, less ice to reflect sunlight, more methane released from permafrost.