Is it a married woman's right not to have sex?



She better treat her husband good.

Sure, it's just that if she enters into a marriage she does so knowing that having sexual relations is part of the agreement.If she isn't willing to live up to the agreement then she shouldn't marry.


It's ur God given right to say no but don't get mad when ur significant other go other places to get it

It’s anyone’s right, not just women.

No. She cannot have it right or left, only center.

What ?That’s selfish.If you’re not in the mood anymore because of hormonal changes try Bioidentical natural hormone pellets.

Sure. It's not advisable if she wants her man to not cheat though. A happy marriage depends on sexual needs being met. If she is just going to decide to not put out she will likely have problems in her marriage.

they seem to think so....they should have tried that earlier in the relationship now they would be screwing anything that would have them