I woke up to my walls getting wet! What do I do?

I use a humidifier at night because the air in my room gets really dry in the winter. I haven’t had a problem at all!

I woke up this morning and found that my walls are wet! What do I do? It’s not too late to fix it right? Will it leave any marks on the walls?

I have my windows covered with insulation plastic to keep out the cold and I woke up to find them covered in condensation as well.

Please please please help!



Lick the water off the walls

No one mentioned the true risks.MOLD.Toxic mold spores are likely already in your home. (Well, not just yours, everyone's) The only reason you do not have toxic mold growing is because the mold does not have the right environment.Mold only needs three things to grow 1. Moisture, anything over 50% relative humidity will be more than adequate.2. Food source which can be any organic material such as: drywall, wood, carpet, and even dust.3. No overabundance of light.Toxic mold can start to grow in as little as 3 days.

1. Stop the source of the water (in this case humidifer.)
2. Get a powerful fan (metal fan)Run the fan with the door open allowing the air circulation in the room.Continue to relocate the fan to ensure each area of the room is dried thoroughly.The carpet is an area of particular importance.
3. Get the room to below 40% relative humidity and sustain it.
4.If you start to smell an unusual smell that is musty in nature, you will want to start investigating.It is likely you have active mold growth in your room and will want to have some mold testing done.

Keep us in the loop.Let us know how it all pans out, please!

The only problem will be if your walls were dirty, as the dirt will run now.

You can take care of that humidty by just opening a door.

Stop using the humidifier until the walls warm up. Put a fan in the doorway to move some dryer air in and dry the water out.

Turn on a fan or two.

turn off the humidifier. and wipe off the walls.

The humidifier is the problem, cold walls cause water to condense on them.

What is the actual humidity level in your room?One night won't hurt anything but it may leave streaks.

Here are some photos!