Do you agree Liam Neeson is a good man?


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Yes.He said some things years ago and is facing backlash for it.He was on a talk show the other day trying to explain how he really feels.I found it interesting that during his walk out he hugged three people.All African American women.



I have no idea.We've never met.He's an actor, so he would be good at pretending to be whatever he thinks people want him to be.He very well might be a stand up person.

I like him.Always have.I do not know enough about him to presume that he is a good man or not a good man.I certainly hope that he his and will go with that assumption until and unless he shows otherwise.

I could care less about actors

I like him but I don't like what he said.


Good man who made a bad decision.

I know little about him, as he is an actor.I do not consider him in anyway the characters he plays, so...

He deserves the backlash, what comes around goes around, in other words: karma

never heard of him.

I have no problems with him .....................................