Why has misandry become so common and acceptable in western cultures?



want to see what is real?

try dressing and living as a "woman" for a month, or even a week full-time.

this is an experiment worth doing.

Same reason why misogyny was acceptable for centuries throughout the world

There is a part of the society that wants this, to make men always weaker

You are deluded, there is no such thing as misandry.

Hotblack nailed this , the cause of the disease he describes is the Zionist controlled and Rothschild funded " neo-liberals " ,also ,true opposition is an illusion, all part of (((their))) destroy from within plan.

It is a learned Trait.

To make people compliant and weak. Masculinity has always been the resisting, fighting quality for us. Revolutions, wars, fights, rivalry, conquests.. all masculinity driven. If you want a weak, compliant society that will do as you wish, when you wish, you have to remove masculinity. Feminity is so much more agreeable... to everything and anything

This is being done by demonising masculinity to the extent, no man will dare behave that way anymore, despite the fact every fibre of his being is screaming at him to belt the living daylights out of the problem. Society will condemn him if he does that, and he'd better bloody well pull his socks up and start behaving more like a woman sharpish - or reap the consequences.

Masculine disagreeableness is being demonised - femine agreeableness is being championed. Who will be left to fight and defend principles and people when agreeability is the only acceptable stance?

It's the cancerous modern left neo-liberal as­shats who are driving this agenda by the way