Is it vigilante justice when universities bypass our judicial system, decide guilt and punish students accused of sexual assault?


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Vigilantism and colleges adjudicating sexual assaults themselves, instead of leaving it to law enforcement certainly have some common traits, but they are not the same thing.

Both claim that our legal system doesn't work, and use this claim to justify determining guilt or innocence and issuing punishment outside of our legal system. In that respect, they are the same.The difference however, is that colleges do so with the permission of the government as dictated under Tilte IX rulings.

I think like vigilanteism the problem with college judicial systems is they don't offer normal due process.They are driven by people siding with the accused rather than ensuring punishment is deserved. In my view, colleges handling sexual assaults internally is wrong for the same basic reasons vigilantism is wrong.In my view, colleges shouldn't be allowed to adjudicate actions tantamount to felony crimes themselves, but the fact is they are not only legally allowed to but required to.

The analogy some have made to employment if very flawed.Employers don't have kangaroo courts and adjudicate felony crimes themselves the way colleges and universities do.


No, vigilantes would not simply expel a suspect. Vigilantes would beat and kick the crap out of a suspect - whether he was guilty or not

Very much so. It's a violation of our constitution. It's as wrong as the crime the men are accused of!

Although it is not illegal for universities to do so, it is extremely unethical.
They hold their kangaroo courts and expell students with no real evidence of wrongoing.
If more students who were suspended without sufficient evidence sued the universities, things might possibly change in the future.

I'm not sure it's vigilante justice, but perhaps banana republic justice. Where someone is accused of a crime, the university has no business doing anything. We have a legal system for a reason - and it can't be replaced by annoyed teachers

No, it isn't vigilante justice.Learn what "vigilante" means.Entrance conditions for universities inevitably force students to sign away such rights as would make this a circumvention of the justice system in any legal sense.

That being said, it's obviously a bad idea since universities are never going to be equipped to perform adequate investigations.And of course, a university will claim that it isn't "punishing the student" in any legal sense.

Great - right up until he tries to get a job or get enrolled somewhere else.

Innocent persons who are dealt with this way should sue the university AND the accuser for defamation of character with considerable damages (in consideration of the loss of education).The idea that nobody else need know is ludicrous since any attempt at defense will spill the beans and its not as if college admissions departments don't talk.

Yes, not being bound by legal due process is the whole point.

Basically,since they are both taking the law into their own hands, deciding guilt and punishment outside the legal system


Because quiet frankly all those frat boy rapists should have gone to jail.

Letting them off with expulsions?a slap on the wrist.

Two different things. You'll find that your employer can fire you, too, for sexual harassment without you being convicted in a court of law. Organizations have the right to have their own policies and to enforce them.