What would the world be like if Nazi Germany had won the WW2?



There'd be a lot less Jews.

Germany would be the world power. We'd probably see Hitler Jr as the fuehrer, then Hitler III ruling now.

Just like if Rome lost the Carthigiinian/Punic wars to the nation of Baby Killers.

Just like the European Union is today

but less populated

You'd be speaking German .

If the Axis and Nazi Germany won, there would be less people deemed inferior. The Jews would have been all killed along with the Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses, handicaps, and any of their political enemies. I guess people's views would be different if Germany won, they might be deemed the good guys.

Hard to say.But I think the Nazi thing was kind of destined to fail.And as usual, not necessarily because of problems with the ideology, but more so because of the implementation.Hitler was pumped up on drugs and losing touch with reality towards the end of the war.So in my mind, it's kind of hard to imagine Nazi Germany winning that war under any circumstances when the leadership was so out of it and had no checks and/or balances in the system.

And as we've seen from many wars since, just because one takes over a country doesn't mean that's the end of it and now we're in one great big happy country.Tensions and resentments remain.It'd have been pretty tough to manage such diverse cultures in such a huge expanse of territory.I think break ups and break outs would have been inevitable.

The world population would be half of what it is and that would have had far reaching consequences including some good ones as well.
The philosophic point to note here is that nothing here is all black or all white.... every coin has the other side too.

Unless your white, blond and without any disabilities or mental illnesses you would have already been put to death.

The Donald Trump Presidency all over …..