I found out about husband’s affair. He didn’t have sex with her but he kissed her and told her that he’s in love with her. Is that cheating?



How do you know which lips he kissed her on? By telling her he loved her, that would make it cheating. What are you going to do about it?

Yes. Without the kissing it would still be cheating because it is an emotional affair. But the addition of the kissing seals the deal. If he loves someone else maybe it's time to discuss your options.

Yes, it is.

he wants to have a 3 way nothing wrong with that in many guys eyes
i did that for my husband it made us closer , but i had best friends child that's how we did it
you see i could not have kids and we planed it that way , it made his best friend happy for 2 days
that's how many days we spend at a motel my husband wanted him to make sure i was going to have his child some he did it a lot and didn't pull out , and we get along great how ever his best friend did move away 2 years ago that did make my and my husband closer it was a great fav of him to do that

Stand up to the dude. Get the divorce papers, put them down seriously on the table, and and tell him to fill out his part. If he doesnt quit _________.

Yes, it is cheating.

No, it isn't cheating.It is being extremely loyal to his..... sexual instincts.
Of course it is cheating but you already knew tha, didn'tcha ?!

Yes. Yes. Yes. It is cheating. Emotional, physical and mental. Ew. What a slime ball.

Yes it's cheating