Does turning down my hot water tank lessen the time the hot water lasts in the shower?

We recently turned our hot water tank down to 130 and ever since we did that our hot water does not last very long.Is that a result of turning it down?



Yes it doesbut it also saves on energy cost so you have to find the balance .

Yes, because you are mixing less cold water with it.This is precisely what I did to save money.My wife and daughter never think it is time to exit the shower until all the hot water is used up.


Yes, because you can turn the water on to FULL HOT whereas when the water was say 160, you needed to add cold to it to not come out a Red Lobster. Me I have it down because I don't want to get scalded and I shower for maybe 7 minutes and I have washed my hair and added conditioner and wash my body and rinsed off in that time.That is a long shower.5 minutes is more like normal for me.
.No time to read a book.

possibly, yes -- when you do that, it takes more volume of hot water per minute to achieve the same shower temperature

The short answer is yes. But what type do you have? For instance an electric one typically has two heating elements, one at the top and one at the bottom. They do not heat at the same time, the top one heats up to temp and then allows the bottom one to complete heating the bottom area. The bottom one is usually the one to fail since it cycles the most. In this case you will only have hot water in the top area of the tank and wont last long. Possibly this is your problem

Yes, however, if there are small children in the home, it is best not to have the water to hot. A friend lost their young daughter that scalded herself at a babysitters home while left alone for a couple of minutes.

yes, as cold watr replaces the hot water it cools faster

130 is still pretty hot for domestic hot water.

But, at the lower temperature, you're mixing more hot water with less cold water to get a comfortable shower.So, yes, you'll run out of hot water sooner.