Why didn't Taylor Swift ever date black men?



They may not be her type

Because she may not be into black man.

her preference.

Why don't Nicki Minaj ever date any white men? Why does the Kardashian only date black men ?(Except for Kourtney) ... Why does Chris Brown only date the asian looking women? This should never be a question... cause everyone has their own preference. It has nothing to do with being racist. It's all about who you're compatible with. Some people just don't feel compatible with anyone outside of their own race or they might have certain race and features that they are attracted to.

it's not big deal... I mean she's still young, and despite who she's with now, you never know who she might date in the future that could potentially be black.

She'd lose her fan base.Also, she has taste.

Because she may not be interested in black men?

why should this be a question>?

just dang unlucky

Maybe none have asked her, right?