What age is a female most attractive in your opinion?

im 17 and dont want to get older because old women are usually well.. ugly and saggy


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16-20 but that's only because I'm a teenager myself. Once I'm 21 and a man I'm not going to date teenage children. Removing teenagers from the picture I probably find 21-25 year old females the most attractive.


Age is just a number to me.As long as a person is sexy and desirable that's all that matters.

I think woman who are between 25-30 and I'm 22. I always liked older women.

any age is attractive but as the women ages her body breaksdown
and doesn't feel the same to a mans touch
so bottom line for me its mid 20s at most
thank you very much

Between 13 and 17

Depends because I am now 24 and I was nerdy as a teen and I have been getting more and more healthy by exercising and changing my diet so I think that I have been looking younger and more attractive as i’m getting older actually. As long as you are taking care of yourself then you should still look good but remember that personality is what is more important. I don’t honestly care about looks. I care more about someone’s heart and personality and brains. ❤️Lots of love

Age is not a factor with me.I am most attracted to self-assured intelligent women who look and act like corporate executives.In the Navy we called that "command presence."Command presence is a turn on at any age.

It depends on the woman bc some ppl age better than others.

No age. I am a guy who likes guys.

30 to 40 for most as thats when they carry themselves in a proud mature respectful way and arent just trying to impress others. They are much much more attractive them a young girl on the hunt for someone with money to take care of them or go to a club with them.