No countries with advanced weapons have fought each other since end of WWII, is this because we have a small talent for war?

I guess it's easier to beat up 3-rd world country than 1st world country?



We do

It just hasn't happened yet.

That is pretty much it in a nutshell.Each country offers a long term peace within its borders that nobody wants to end.All because if we do end it nobody will survive.Smart.No monkey is going to drop down to a water hole protected by rock throwing stick carrying apes.

Yeah we need to get more talented at war. Nothing like a good war is there? All those deaths all that misery and blood? Good times right?

Countries with nuclear weapons are scared to take on countries with nuclear weapons fearing it would end up in total mutual destruction of not only themselves but also the world.The reason the USA and its allies did not push for total victory in the Korean war was the fear that if they were seen as defeating North Korea the fear was Russia who were supporting North Korea may resort to using nuclear weapons.It is believed that nuclear weapons have stopped many wars since WW2 as there was a fear that the war could escalate into a nuclear war which no one would be a winner.The fear these days is more countries feel they need to possess nuclear weapons mainly to make the bigger countries fear them and respect them more, but it only takes one nutty leader to use them.It may also be feared that as some Muslim countries have nuclear weapons that if they are run by fanatical religious leaders some of these leaders have blind faith that Allah will protect them while their enemies are obliterated.Countries like the USA and Israel spend huge resources on intelligence gathering and generally can see which countries have to be forced to back off their huge military capabilities while their people live in poverty, and their governments threaten other countries.

you might wanna rethink that question

egypat vs israel i ii and iii-- both sides had advanced weapons

Iraq had advanced weapons during desert storm and the gulf war

britian vs agentina in the falklands war

syria vs jordan back in the 70's

Because the next war will be fought with nukes and that will be the end of civilization. All countries know this. It’s known as a nuclear deterrent.


LOL. The USA has never won a war without allies.