Why did God made me gay?

I don't want to be gay



Scientifically,,No ONE 'EVER' IS BORN AS A GAY..this is 100% a personal choice..God create us all as straight people..but just most of those who do this try to 'imagine' that its not their fault as they know and feel even by our 'normal' human nature how being gay is totally wrong ,,and against our nature..so you just need to be realistic with yourself..and seek thereby and stay away of those bad people who effected you to do this personal choice..you have the 'free will' so its you who chose what to be,,like everyone..

God did not make you gay.You made yourself gay following your selfish desires.Why would God make you something He condemns?

God didn't make you. God doesn't exist.

God didn't make you gay. He didn't create homosexuality, but He created Adam and Eve and told them to multiply.

God did not make you gay but neither is it your choice or your fault. It seems to be a breakdown in the normal psychosexual development of a child. Some church-based counselors have had some success in correcting this.

nth wrong to be that

He didn't .

He did not.

You did that

Imperfection inherited to Adam is the reason some people are gay, God does not make anyone the way they are.