Car insurance for a 17 year old?

How much would it be for liability in the state of Texas, specifically college station Texas a college town. How much would it be with a Chevy impala/Honda accord or Ford Explorer or Ford Ranger and any small truck. I plan on saving $5000 by the end of summer. I plan on spending $1500/$2000 on the car and the rest for insurance/maintenance. I plan on working weekends at Kroger which is minimum wage and I should make about $150-180 a weekend without tax and working almost full time in the summer but I may be gone for a month in the summer.



Because of your age you will be in the assigned risk category. Megabucks, major albatross.

Get an online quote on state farm or geico. You just put in your info and they give you an accurate quote. I have State Farm and they’ve been great to me. You can get discounts for keeping a 3.0+ GPA and defensive driving certification, so hopefully it’s under a $100 dollars.

Most definitely! Simply get a super rich girlfriend, and ask her dad to self-insure you. It won't cost you a penny, and it is 100% legal in Texas. Just be sure you satisfy her in bed completely, or she (and her super-rich dad) will dump you in an instant!


Your parents have to ask theirinsurance company because at 17 you can't get insurance in your own name.

Most people have the brains to call a car insurance agent for a quote.

Ask an insurance agent.How would anyone else know?

A WHOLE lot.

We can answer many questions here on YA.
One thing it is impossible to answer is specific insurance costs for a specific individual. That's what insurance agents are for.