What's the difference between its and it's?



They are the same thing except. it's means it is and its just referring to something

'Its' is one of the rare cases where you do not use an apostrophe to indicate possession.That is because 'it's' is a contraction of 'it is'.

it's is possessive; it's his ball.
its....its about time - NOT possessive.

It's is the shortened form of "it is".
It's a lovely day today.

Its indicates "belonging to it".
The dog was wagging its tail.

there is a ( ' ) in it.. (Y)

it's = it is

ITS is possessive.I know others here have said the same thing, but here's an easy way to remember which ITS or IT'S to use:

Possessive pronouns DO NOT take apostrophes.Hers.His.Yours.Ours.Its.
No apostrophes.

Therefore, by default, IT'S is a contraction for IT IS.

Oh -- and one more thing -- there is no such word as ITS'.

easy! its is possessive (my dog lost its collar at the beach), it's is a contraction of "it is" (it's going to be hard to find his collar in all that sand)

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