Why do liberal losers sit around smoking weed and at the same time say we need more Mexicans to pick crops?


Best Answer

Libs are too greedy and cheap to pay Americans to work the farms .


I guess for the same reason con losers sit around smoking weed.

Liberals dude, they gay

some conservatives smoke weed ,and can be lazy also


Who else is going to sell them the illegal drugs?


Because the liberal winners told them to.

I don't understand this myth that only liberals smoke weed. Whether I smoke weed or not has no bearing on who or what I vote for.

They're stuck in the 70's

♫ "sit a-ROUND THE house
g-i-i-i-t high & watch the tu-ube
This is what happened when they de-
cided to cutloo-oose" ♫

C'montak take the money and run...