Why won't Trump release his tax return?

Except for Trump, every other major party nominee for the past 40 years has released their tax returns.


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I have a few theories:

First, he certainly needs to conceal his true finances from the entire world.Trump has wasted his original inheritance on a lavish lifestyle, so he must hide his actual asset to debt ratio from potential investors.The truth would destroy his brand.

Second, his repeated bankruptcy scams have made reputable lenders unwilling to lend to him so he has had to resort to shadier sources.Exposure of those sources would probably lead to criminal charges regarding money laundering for organized crime and violation of US law regarding sanctions.

Third, it would reveal the level of his indebtedness to foreign interests and explain his refusal to enforce sanctions and fulfil the duties of his office.

Finally, it would reveal his actual business interests and explain how his abuse of the emoluments clause has been used to enrich himself at the expense of the nation.

Trump has a means of Constitutionally refusing to reveal his tax returns, however.He can cite the Fifth Amendment protections gainst self incrimination.If he has to do that I predict he will, just as if he is required to testify before Congress his lawyers will claim his advancing senility makes it impossible to participate in his own defence.Those of us who have been watching the Donald over the last forty years understand that while he has lots of pride he has no shame.None whatever.


because most people don't understand income relating to real estate. it isn't the same as receiving an income from your job.

He will release his tax returns when Obama releases his college transcripts and legitimate birth certificate.

He feels that is no one business; I have to agree with him!

He's not required to by law.Obama's administration used the IRS to punish political opponents. Surely, with all of the anti-Trump people still in all areas of the bureaucracy, if there was anything illegal in his past returns, something would have been leaked by now.

I love it. Completely factual answers, including many other than mine, all getting thumbs down from ideologues for whom facts don't matter.

And before that, they didn't.So what?

Simple...because the democrats are demanding them...

More likely, he isn't as rich as he claims...

He has made the political calculation that releasing them hurts him more than not releasing them.

Well, because the more dots you connect, the more it spells: "Lifetime Criminal".

Embarrassment mostly is my guess. He is nowhere near as prosperous as he likes to make out.Possibly financial ties to Russian interests.