Has Solar Wind been huffing to much CO2?


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No, he's just a crackpot. I doubt that he ever studied science in school, but is interested enough in it to read blogs, especially by those people that go against accepted science.


Power producers cut their emissions of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere and increases worldwide temperatures, for the seventh time in the past 10 years, according to the Energy Department.

Last year alone, U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide emissions decreased 47 million metric tons, a year in which the
U.S. economy grew 2.3 percent as measured by the inflation-adjusted gross domestic product.

Learn how to spell. Another genius Democrat...

I think maybe not.

Times like this I wish I was level 7 and could report you.Your question is nothing more than a personal attack.

Well he seems to neither really understand how a refrigerator really works or a glass house. Of course the average glasshouse is a single climate used for just one purpose, rising an individual or small number of types of plants be they flowers or edible crops one that won’t naturally grow in a particular place or at a particular time of year. Also of course you will find neither glaciers or oceans inside a glass house unlike out in th real world.
As far as his musings on how refrigerators work I wonder why he neglects to mention the pressures and pumps required to change the pressures of the gases involved to achieve the heat transfer?
NASA give a quite clear explanation of the process
In contrast to the deneir pseudo-science

I'm sure that he must be on something.

Ya, I get a lot slurs and intimidation showing that the anthropogenic greenhouse is a myth and CO2 actually cools it does not warm. CO2 does NOT, and I repeat, does NOT retard the transfer of energy, or as you put it, because you don’t understand what “heat” is, “retard heat transfer”. CO2 is an extremely high emitter of 4µ and 15µ bandwidth IR. In other words, CO2 has very high emissivity to IR (specifically in the 4µ and 15µ bandwidths, transparent to all other).

Note that, a high emissivity substance cannot provide a mechanism of “insulation”, nor can it provide a mechanism of “trapping”.

So again, CO2 does not heat up when it absorbs Infrared Radiation because it instantaneously re-emits that IR. And that is why it is a “coolant”, the most widely used industrial coolant in the world in fact. It is a “coolant” because it has extremely high emissivity to IR. The alarmists have tried but cannot refute my assertions that are qualified through the Scientific Method by true Climate Scientists.

Interesting factoid, virtually all ice skating rinks in north America use CO2 to freeze the ice for their rinks, saving them almost 40% in energy costs. Commercial greenhouses regularly pump in up to 2000 ppm of CO2 to stimulate plant growth, with no warming or health problems being observed.

The so-called “greenhouse effect” is pseudoscience!

CO might be more effective