I want to get some nude Selfies of Jeff Bezos, can I get those from Amazon directly or should I order through National Enquirer??


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Ask Alexa


how were u thinking of paying holla ;)

I am at a complete loss as to why you hold this desire.

Bella Abzug or Andrea Dworkin, maybe.......or not.

Google has everything even the Infinity Stones

the only person I can think of that I would less want nude photos of than Bezos is Pelosi

Maybe. While you're doing that, maybe you can get your hands on a pee-pee tape of a Trump romp in Moscow. It's not like I'd want to see Darlin' Donald prancing around in his underwear but it would be another humiliation for Trump that he so grandly deserves.

But the Bezos thing is just another pixel in the bigger picture of the Trump Criminal Organization, which is going to show Trump in all his naked, mushroomy glory.

Yeah. I was also looking for a pic of Bezos schnitzel but couldn't find anything.

You gays are some weird perverts.

Do you also have sexual feeling for frogs?

I wouldn’t mind seeing them. Does enquirer have a naked picture of trump to compare?

Pass.Not interested in seeing Bezos nude, unlike the owner of the National Enquirer