Pilot is out now heat isn’t working?

Automatic pilot, it went out and we tried to relight it but it only stayed lit for a minute and went back out. Not only is our hot water out but now our heat isn’t working properly. Our pilot went out last week and maintenance relit it but even with the pilot being out for 24 hours, our heat still kicked on.


Best Answer

Sounds like a gas regulator valve...


You need a gas engineer call out and he will fix it.

If you system is old and use a permanent gas flame as a pilot light, the gas supply to the pilot is controlled by a thermocouple that is mounted in the pilot flame.It generates as little electrical charge that tells a gas valve it is OK to open.When that valve opens, you get gas/flame for the burner.These systems have been mostly replaced by the electrical igniters that can dependably produce an electrical spark to ignite the gas for the burner. There is no pilot flame on these newer igniter systems.Anyway, if you have a pilot flame and it has gone out, it sounds like your thermocouple is bad and needs to be replaced.That is easy to do and you can buy thermocouples at supply houses.

sounds like you are a tenant and, if so, this is an issue for maintenance to fix.if you are not a tenant, then you call for repair

Your problem is that the flue is chocked with carbon deposits. You need a chimney sweep. Been there, done that, same symptoms.

Call maintenance back as they haven't fixed the fault.

If you have two gas appliances not working I’d say there is a problem with the gas service.This is potentially very dangerous and I suggest you have a professional look at it before you burn down your home.

Have you called the gas company? They will light your pilot for free (at least in California). And if something is faulty then you'll have a documented report of it. I've served on juries for civil cases that involve tenants and the best thing you can do is have a paper trail in case you need litigation.