Is it true that Russia had something to do with trump winning the presidency ?



Clinton was people’s choice. Trump was electoral college’s choice. What does that tell you about our system? This is why people don’t bother voting.....

No. We have alot of security protecting voting frauds.

Media fantasy !!

Putin controls the Electoral College which alone has any real political power in the US. It's easier to bribe, threaten and extort, let alone corrupt a small group than an entire nation. Though a majority of millions voted for Hillary Clinton the popular vote is merely a popularity contest and the citizens' vote has no actual power to make a president.

Not at all, Trump is President because Democrats had everything to do with him winning.

No proof has been found for that claim yet.

It's obvious from the obstruction of Justice.

100%. Every trump supporter I talked to during the campaign had bogus stories about Clinton and Obama. They were getting these stories in their emails that were sent from Russian trolls. One of them even forwarded me one of these bogus stories and believed it was true. Russia's motive was to have the sanctions lifted. That was the first thing on trumps agenda.To his dismay , Flynn was tapped when he told the Russian ambassador about lifting the sanctions. The trump team said he was lying and fired him. That was a cover up. He was following orders .

Clearly Russia did their part..Was therer collusion w/ Trump?Probably not... Did it make a difference in the election?I think we'll never really know.