Can the groom escort the bride during the wedding march?

My fiance and I are getting married in May.It is going to be a very simple wedding.There is only going to be a a flower girl, and a matron of honor and a best man.

My father passed away two years ago, so there is no one to "give me away" (and I hate that term anyway).I know typically the groom waits at the altar and the bride's maids are escorted by the groomsmen, and finally the father of the bride escorts the bride to the alar.

I know I could have a brother or an uncle escort me down the aisle, but what about having my finace--the groom--do the wedding march with me instead of waiting at the altar?

My fiance said he would crawl over glass to get our last names the same if that's what I wanted.But I've never known it to be done.



"There is only going to be a a flower girl, and a matron of honor and a best man. "

There are going to be 3 people at your wedding so who cares what you do no one is going to be there to make judgement regardless.Walk in together and end up at the alter!

Why can't you simply walk down by yourself, look you are not having some big formal wedding with just 3 people so do what ever YOU and HE wnat too.

If you're having a march, you should not do that. But there are alternatives--talk to your minster for some ideas that he's seen that turn out well.

It's what you want

No father then your brother, cousin or uncle can do it. I was at one were the Grandfather gave the Bride away.

Contrary to what a lot of busy bodies will try to tell you, it's YOUR wedding.Yours and your fiancée's.You can have it any way you want.I've never understood why the groom is supposed to "magically" appear at the altar as everyone turns around to "OOOO" and "AHHHH" as the bride walks down the aisle.I hope your marriage lasts "until death do you part" and you live long lives.

Do what you want.

I don’t see why not.

You can do what you want as long as the register is signed although you are not keeping up tradition doing that but nobody is going to stop you.

I was at a wedding gwhere the groom was at the alter as normal and the bride started walking down the asile alone, then he walked downand met her half way and they walk back up the asile together.It was very nice.

You can do anything you want to do. It is become more common for a bride to walk down the asile by herself.