Real player keeps saying download incomplete refresh page and try again does anyone know what too do ?

it worked for a long timenow i can not get it to download anything.


I found number solution# 2 to work for me when I'm downloading videos from Youtube.

Follow the below suggestions which could help you to download videos:

Solution 1: Browser reset

We have found that resetting your web browser, then restarting your computer, can resolve the issue in many cases. Unfortunately, this does not seem to solve the issue in Firefox. We are working on a solution for all browsers and hope to have this issue resolved soon.

Resetting your web browser:

Solution 2: Disable Shockwave Flash Object for Internet Explorer

1. Go back to Tools and select Manage Add-ons.
2. Locate and click on "Shockwave Plugin."
3. Click Disable, then click Close.
4. Restart your Internet Explorer.

Note: Make sure that you have selected shows All add-ons.

Solution 3: Download videos via Web Videos tab in RealPlayer Cloud

1. Open RealPlayer Cloud.
2. Go to Web Videos tab.
3. Select a video and then click the Download This Video button to download.

I've tried everything. NG. And it is not YouTube either. It's Realplayer. I can burn a cd successfully one day. Try burning the same songs again the next day and I get that annoying "incomplete message.

Hey ciao,
Per il download di Real Player puoi cliccare su questo link:

Da questo link puoi scaricarlo gratuitamente.
Un caro saluto


1 Press download this video

2 Message download incomplete refresh page and try again

3 DO NOT CLOSE Real Down loader

4 Refresh page

5 Press download this video again


none of these worked for me, worse, i could not get RP anymore,instead it was RPCloud which was a real pain in the neck to work with, it did not transfer all the files, it was very slow. RP is not offered anymore from Real Networks.

you download real player 17.
you can download real player clouds
after every thing is o.k
now my real player is best

Oh realplayer, it's so sweet! You actually thought, you could make something that worked? I think it's very cute. Well, now go out and play again. Come back in when you grow up!

is there a program that can remove refresh page option to downloa

I fix it go to tools click manage add disable shokwave restart your pc very simple