Different types of complaints on consumer exploitation and the decisions thereof?

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The most common business malpractices leading to consumer exploitation are
given below.
(a) Sale of adulterated goods i.e., adding something inferior to the product being sold.
(b) Sale of spurious goods i.e., selling something of little value instead of the real product.
(c) Sale of sub-standard goods i.e., sale of goods which do not confirm to prescribed
quality standards.
(d) Sale of duplicate goods.
(e) Use of false weights and measures leading to underweight.
(f) Hoarding and black-marketing leading to scarcity and rise in price.
(g) Charging more than the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) fixed for the product.
(h) Supply of defective goods.
(i) Misleading advertisements i.e., advertisements falsely claiming a product or service to be of superior quality, grade or standard.
j) Supply of inferior services i.e., quality of service lower than the quality agreed upon.


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