What is the fafsa C code (comment code) what does this mean?

I got a letter in the mail today from my college.It said I got a fafsaC code and I need to go to the university in 5 days? O.owtf is this serious?

A few days I go, I got the emails from the fafsa.And it said it was processed successfully.I log in, and it still says everything is fine.help?

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A C-Code is a flag that tells a financial aid administrator that you may not meet the eligibility requirements for federal student aid.The email you received about your FAFSA being processed successfully is only telling you that they received the application and processed it.It doesn't necessarily mean you are eligible for aid.On the other hand, a C-Code doesn't necessarily mean you won't get aid because most of them can be resolved fairly easily.But, until you do,your school can't award any aid to you, so you should contact them as soon as possible.

When you submit a FAFSA, it goes through a number of data matches.Sometimes there's an issue with one of those matches, and when that happens, the school has to collect documents that prove that you are eligible.The most common C-Codes are:

1) Default.If you are in default on a previous student loan, you must resolve it.You can do that by paying it off in full, making a satisfactory payment arrangement with the lender and making 9 on time payments, or--if you have another student loan that isn't in default--you may be able to consolidate the defaulted loan(s) with the non-defaulted loans and resolve the problem that way.

2) Citizenship.In order to receive federal student aid, you must be a US Citizen or eligible non-citizen (usually a permanent resident).If you are a citizen, you must provide the school with a document that proves it, such as a birth certificate, US passport, certificate of naturalization, etc.If you are not a citizen, you must bring a document that shows that you are an eligible non-citizen, such aspermanent resident card.

3) Selective Service.Males are required by law to register with Selective Service between the ages of 18 and 26.A student who is under 26 years old can resolve this simply by registering (you can do this by clicking on "register me" on the FAFSA).If over the age of 26, he has to provide proof that he wasn't required to register.If he was required to register but didn't do so, most schools have a process for determining if his failure to register was knowing and willful.This process can take quite a while to complete, so if that's the reason for your C-Code, it may be months before you can receive aid--if at all.

4) Unusual Enrollment History:if you have enrolled in several colleges in the past couple of years and withdrew, then your FAFSA might be flagged because it looks like you are only enrolling to receive a Pell refund.You may have to provide transcripts from your previous schools to prove that you actually earned credit there.

Your Student Aid Report probably has comments attached to it that describe what the problem is, but if not, the financial aid department at your college will know and can help you resolve it and restore your eligibility for aid.


It means there is a question about your eligibility and/or your parent's info

NO, everything is not fine & if you do not resolve the problem, you will not get aid

"C Code. A C in this section notifies financial aid administrators that an eligibility issue related to students or parents has been identified"
found here: http://apps.nela.net/~content/~downloads...

you can find even more info here:

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