What is the name of this song and who sings it?

2 years ago
This song was playing towards the end of the latest episode of Dallas, aired on Monday February 11th.Here are some of the lyrics as best I remember.Some of the verses are broken, 'blank' will be used for the words I couldn't make out (each 'blank' represents a word).blank dark eyes, blacked out soulall I know, the devil's a liarblank blank, frozen smileall I know, the devil's a liarchorus:Liar, the devil's a liarLiar, the devil's a liarevil ways, wicked sinall I know, the devil's a liarunderhanded cheatin' heartall I know, the devil's a liarrepeat chorus
TAG:represents blank playing towards chorus
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i'm not sure but maybe black devil car by jamiroquai ? or maybe liar,liar(burn in hell) , maybe liar by korn or devil by stereophonics
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Yes! I have been looking for this song and I want to know as well.
The first verse is

Cold dark eyes, blacked out soul
all I know, the devil's a liar
Broken words, frozen smile
all I know, the devil's a liar