How does the abstraction of the physical layer facilitate interoperability across?

networks using different types of physical wires?

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Lets make it easy for you to understand.

You have a campus of buildings within a .5 mile radius.. Each building has an average of 20-50 people except the main building which houses roughly 400 personelle.

I want you to create a parts list of what kind of routers/switches you'll need in order to make it a network. You will not be able to see any wiring diagrams at all, you're shooting from the hip.

What do you think your success rate would be in purchasing the right equipment for each building to do the job right the first go around? Slim to absolutely none...

That's what causes interoperability... You need to figure out where your fiber is, where your copper is, and OC connections, where your ISP terminations are, any coax rolled out for CCTVs and the like, how many closets there are in each building, where the wiring bundles punch down to etc etc etc... Withholding this information is detrimental to your success.