What does it mean if he calls me drunk?

I like this guy and were best friends and he calls me every night just to talk.. Sometimes we are even on the phone until 4am!! But last night he called me drunk, so does that mean he likes me? I've tried to look it up on the Internet but everything said "he's doing something he would not normally do.. He's to afraid to call you so he's using alcohol as an excuse except he calls me every night so he's not afraid to call me! Help please?? Thank you :)


Best Answer

I think it means that even though he's drunk, he's still thinking about you. He calls you every night, and even the one night he's drunk, he doesn't forget to call you.
I think it's cute! My boyfriend always calls me every night no matter if hes drunk or sober.


Dear Charlott,
. Charlott, this is a situation that i so can relate to it isnt funny.

If he calls you, it means taht he doesnt have the courage to say the things he says to you drunk while he is sober. So that in itself should tell you something about him.An your correct . he is using alcohol as a cheapexcuseto call you..

If he calls you every nite , does that mean he is drunk when he calls you? If not , then ask him why he cant call you only when he is sober.

I would suggest yoiu mention to him that him calling you when he is intoxicated is not only annoying but it is a waste of time talking to him . As talking to a drunk is like talking to a wall.

Get him to call you only when he is sober an no other time.

It means that he thinks you drink too much alcohol.