What is USORDS? (Canada Post)?

In my tracking info for the last location my package has been it just says USORDS. For the description it says; " International shipment has arrived in a foreign country."


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Give Canada Post a call.



usords refers to the sorting station/facility in Chicago , Illinois , USA .. 430 Miles west of Toronto... This is where 3 packages that I have recently sent via USPS Priority Mail ( Expedited mail out of Canada ) go through .. The 3 parcels were all destined for Eastern USA --1 to a Boston suburb , 1 toNY City( New Hyde Park and another to Connecticut!!!!!THAT'S going 430 WEST of Toronto before heading to the East Coast ( Chicago --> Boston =approx. 800 miles ! )..Toronto --> Boston = 420 miles !! Similar story with NY + Connecticut .. Parcels travelat least twice and even 3 times the distance ( from Toronto ) going through the Chicago sorting area ... INSANE and they call this progress... Toronto to the East coast has Numerous flights everyday .. Why send a parcel 430 miles West before heading to NY or Boston ????Pony Express would be just as quick , I think !!PS : parcel to Connecticut just informed was delivered after 11 days ( USPS Priority Mail ) ... just ... FYI !!!!!!

There are 10 of them, they differ only in the last letter:
USORDA - ISC Chicago IL (usps)
USORDB - ISC Chicago IL (usps)
USORDE - ISC Chicago IL (usps)
USORDF - ISC Chicago IL (usps)
USORDG - ISC Chicago IL (usps)
USORDI - ISC Chicago IL (usps)
USORDK - ISC Chicago IL (usps)
USORDL - Chicago GM Etoe
USORDS - ISC Chicago IL S (usps)
USORDY - ISC ORD Chicago IL (usps)
They are International Mail Processing Center (IMPC) codes. Many more such codes exist.
ISC is "International Service Center"
Etoe is "extraterritorial offices of exchange"

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