What are the differences between Hijra (transsexuals) and shemale ?


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^ wrong.

shemales are women with penis. theyhave a breasts and live as female, but they keeping their penis., some is later have transition or some is not.

some intersex girl is shemale, such as me. my body is female but with ambigous genital when i am born. they decides i am male but i am not. i still have penis and no plan to change it. such is life.


Shemale Anatomy

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Let's correct the terms given above. Transgender is *not* the same as transsexual. Transgender is an umbrella term that includes transsexuals, crossdressers, and all sorts of other categories that blur traditional gender lines. A transsexual is a person with a profound sense of mismatch between their anatomical gender and their mind. It's major enough to cause a high rate of suicide and to cause them to risk everything they have to come out. Transsexuals are divided into three categories: pre-op, post-op, and no-op (although it gets more complicated with F2Ms, where it's more appropriate to view the surgery as having two distinct parts ("top surgery" and "bottom surgery"), the former being done more commonly than the latter). Shemale is a term used by the porn industry to refer to transgendered individuals, and often more specifically, transsexuals. It is seen by transsexuals similar to how the N-word is seen by African-Americans, except that it is not used by transsexuals themselves to refer to each other. "Ladyboy" is a rough translation of the Thai word "kathoey". The Thai people have a long tradition of many various forms of M2F transsexualism and crossdressing; Kathoey is sort of a catch-all category. The term is seen as insulting to some, but not universally. "Tranny" is another word generally seen by transsexuals as an insult; however, like the N-word, transsexuals will sometimes use it amongst themselves. Feel free to ask more questions.

Now ive been to the Tranny and shemale Facebook, and i must say that you have to be blind , deaf and dumb not to see the difference with the obvious ones...although the ones who even had me boggled scared the daylights outta me and has me pondering on the state im in, cuz i dont wann judge anyone and its just really harder to distinguish male 2 female transexuals now a days...Transexuals are sometimes Drag-queens and the She-males are the same thing, jus they prefer to stay in that setting...

Hijra is an Indian term and is lower caste for Transsexual woman they live on edge of society

shemale is a sex worker for pay they use their penis as porn stars or as sex workers for pay and outsiders use is as an insult against Transsexual women to cut us down and make us feel bad about who we are born as (it is ALWAYS an insult to transsexual women)

A transgendered person is someone who is dealing with gender issues in their life. This is completely different from sexual orientation issues. A person can have gender issues or can have different sexuality or both. There really are no acceptable slang terms - the slang is usually reserved for being insulting. here are some but by no means all gender issues - and Transgender is all BUT Transsexual
Cross Dressing - someone who likes to wear the clothes of the opposite sex in order to feel more comfortable
Transvestite - Someone who wears the clothes of the opposite sex in a sexual context or in a public context and tries to come across completely as the person of the opposite gender, but just temporarily
Drag Queen/King - Someone who dresses as the opposite sex for the purpose of performing in a show
Shemale - A person, born male who has cosmetic surgery, possibly hormones and has implants to give as much of the appearance of a female, but keeps their genitalia functional and is usually in pornographic content
Trans 101 - http://www.t-vox.org/index.php?title=Trans_101

Transsexual - describes a person, male or female, who was born with a condition Gender Identity Disorder (GID) which means that their gender identity, which is determined in the hypothalamus of the brain, does not match their physical anatomy. Transsexual people require medical intervention, including hormone therapy and genital surgery, to correct this mismatch and lead normal lives, but transsexualism is neither defined by, nor restricted to, that intervention


Hijra are physiologically male only psychologically female. They are fully developed males who identify as females. Sometimes they crush their testis; it is rumoured that they recruit stray young boys by doing so.

Shemale is an offensive term for transsexual women. Men who undergo physiological manipulation to get a female body. Transsexual women may/may not have a penis (depending of surgery)
Shemale have a penis.

Transsexuals are those who cross the boundaries of gender and the boundaries of sex. MTF Transsexuals, for example, are born male and eventually transition - via hormones and/or surgery but sometimes neither - so that they live and work as female.
She-male is neither male nor female and (usually) likes it that way. Usually a she-male is a person who was born male but who has since developed breasts, either through the use of female hormones. She often presents as female.

Hijras are men who have their genitals cut off, so they have no genitals. Shemales are women who have their genitals surgically removed or stitched up, and the surgeon makes a penis for the shemale. Shemale also implies that the person is in the sex business, usually a porn-star or prostitute.