Why do my eyes feel sensitive staring at sharp objects?

. However, ever since I can remember, I've had difficulty looking at sharp objects or even corners at times because whenever I did, my eyes would hurt. The pain was senstive , and I would have to look away from where the object was, or I'd have to put my hand over my eyes and look between my fingers. Whenever I did the latter, my pain would suddenly go away.

Does someone have the same issue, and if so, do you know why I get this? It hasn't happened much lately, but it happens occasionally, and I hate it when it happens. Sometimes I can't cook because looking at the sharp knives hurts my eyes. Hell, I can't even look at our TV sometimes because of the corners. I know it's weird, and I'm not faking this. It's real, and I don't know why I have that problem. Please help.

Best Answer

I would tend to say that this is a mental perception issue. I've known people to squint looking at a skillfully rendered painting of intense sunlight. However, I'd hate to mislead you. Why not ask your optometrist/ophthalmologist? If you have regular examinations, go ahead and schedule one now. If you've recently had one, there's no reason not to call and ask the question. People often don't report symptoms to their doctors that would be of interest to the doctor. Or if you don't and haven't had routine eye exams, now might be a good time for a check-up whether this turns out to be an optical problem or not.


I have the same.