13 hours
Who will you vote for ?
19 hours
She's got a job for 2 years. THen she gets the ax.... assuming her district isn't so progressive that they blame the GOP, NRA, Whites, and the other usual punching bags for her failures.
2 days
The Johnathan Gruber effect appears to be spreading among voters.
23 hours
There is a plague sweeping across land. It is called "rabbit ears".people pay attention to only what they want t hear, If hey are exposed to what they do not want to hear, they respond with childishbehavior, hissy fits, cruel and intolerant responses, and in general, being piszed off.
Trump's legacywill not be darkenedby thisvocal minority, hisleqacy will be he does what he says he will do
3 days
Very much so, yes.

The mid term results were just the beginning. Many GOP seats were gerrymandered, and the voter suppression, especially in GA, was off the charts. And, in spite of that, the Democrats got a gain of seats not seen in decades.

In 2016, The Cheeto won by razor slim margins in three states, FL, PA, and MI. There's no way in heck he's going to do as well there in 2020, and if not for those three states, and under a 1% margin in all there, it would have been hello, President Hillary Clinton.

Since that election, his approval ratings have only gone down. And, in 202, there are more GOP Senate seats that are more and more vulnerable than there are Democratic seats.

Now, that being said, the Democratic Party has to do a full job of getting great candidates, and running great campaigns. Hillary's 2016 campaign was one of the worst ones I've ever seen, and I'm 60 years old.

No complacency. That's the key rule.
4 days
I think America needs tocreaccttheir big mistakes and elect Hillary Clinton
15 hours
Will I be able to vote in the 2020 presidential election if I turn 18 November 4th, 2020.
5 days
Somehow, I doubt it - personally I would love to get rid of the "winner takes all" and split according to popularity.
However, that would require a constitutional ammendment, and more than a simple majarity to pass it.
The fact is, at presant, you can't get enough to easily agree on something as simple as a budget - so I highly doubt they wouldtouch something that complex.
Perhaps one day, but first we need people that really are more concerned about what is good for the nation as a whole than their party - once that happens, it can be looked at and considered - but until then, I doubt anyone will bother, or that it goes anywhere past more bickering if they do try...
4 days
I'm a registered independent.As a general rule, I vote against incumbents at all levels unless the incumbent has a significant accomplishment.That's my own form of term limits.In 2020, if the democrats will offer a candidate that is a reasonably qualified, and that is not a relic of the 20th century (Clinton, Biden, Sanders), I will vote for the democrat candidate.If Trump has some great accomplishment in the next two years .... peace & de-nuclear North Korea?He hasn't done anything significant yet ... I could be persuaded to vote for him.
5 days
Or someone from the Bush Dynasty, say, George P.?