1 day
Go away, troll. No one goes to prison for kissing.
3 days
on a rainy day 2 children were murdered the detective asked the whole family and arrested one of them. the maid said she was dusting the room and the mum said she was making a barbecue and the father said he went to the shops to get their bikes repaired. the detective knew who it was and arrested them. who was arrested?
17 hours
in the unlikely situation that i ate a $20 bill (this did NOT HAPPEN) would i go to jail for this consumption?
1 day
He did 10 years in jail for first degree assault
1 day
The driver would go to juvy. The passenger, cops would call parents for pickup. No charge. The driver might get stiff penalties, license suspended until 18 and then classes to attend and driving teststopass to get it back. Fines. Insurance goes Way up for 3 years.
2 days
4 way intersection. 2 stop signs across each other.One car going to left hit the stop sign first and has to wait for the cars without the stop sign.Another car going to the right shows up later.Now the road is clear, does the car going to the left wait for the car going to the right since it will take him a bit longeror does the car going to the right waits since he waited first?
1 day
I have these 2 friends, they’re girls and they’re making me go uptown. I don’t like going uptown, but they keep going on how “you don’t want to become one of those people that never leave your house” and make silly remarks about how I never leave my house. They threatened to come to my house before when my parents were home and knock on the door, the most terrifying thing to happen because I suffer from social anxiety, and I don’t like always going up town. They were like, “okay we didn’t knock on your door, do you appreciate that, but you MUST come up town tomorrow?” do you think they’re bitchy. I like to have alone time, and if I say that... they go on how “yeah, sure you just don’t wanna go up town, could of just said that.” Sometimes when they ask, I force myself to say yes, but tomorrow I wanna say no... but it’s too hard because they get mad.
3 days
Earlier today i got pulled over on the highway. The officer said i was speeding so he asked for my info. I gave him everything. I was hoping he would just give me a warning because it was my first time getting pulled over and i wasn't going that much over the limit. He comes back and tells me my insurance is expired ( my dumb self forgot to put the updated one in my car and i was so nervous that i forgot i had my insurance card on an app on my phone). He said he would take it easy on me and gave me a smaller fine and that i would have to go to traffic court for the insurance. He quickly left after that. I looked at the ticket and it said i was going 3 mph over the limit. I couldnt believe he would pull me over for that on a highway and the ticket was $85. Should i just pay the ticket for the speeding and bring my updated insurance card to court hoping they will drop that charge or should i fight the speeding ticket?
5 days
If you are black the media and the left will spin it that the sheriff was abusing you or threatening to take you out, that it was self defense and you had every right to do so. If you can be described as white in any manner,the left and the media will spin you as another out of control, white nationalist, Trump supporter.
3 days
Quick!Hide under your bed, or hide in the closet.Or in basement.
4 days
I would attempt to end their life by some means, Thereby taking care of the immediate threat, and guaranteeing no future intrusions for the rest of the public.
If you knock on my door, I invite you in, if you break a window, you abdicated your rights to decent treatment.