3 days
Some epoxy resin about 10 minutes ago.
3 days
If you don't like ice cream, you can go to hell.
2 days
The house I grew up in has been torn down many years ago, because it was so old, even when my family lived in it. Even if it was still there, it would require too much to fix up.
2 days
I'm well rested since I'm not right all the time.
19 hours
Oh I LOVED me some Dr. Pepper back in my soda-addict days. I would go through 3-4 Big Gulps a DAY. Now it's far too sweet, but that was my DRANK!
22 hours
the lounge room. it has my tv and also my budgie
13 hours
He stole a can while I was out? Should I call the police on him?