5 days
My mom told me that the man carries the this true?
3 days
You mean well, but in order to avoid
precisely the drama you know will
likely happen, best to stick to what
a baby shower is all about: the baby.
If you feel you must, maybe get the
other kids a small consumable like
cake, candy, ice-cream, ... such
that there is little or none left for
the "witch" to be critical about.
1 week
5 days
Hi I'm 17 and, I've only been professionally babysitting for about a year and I love babies and kids, but it is SO stressful for me. I'm not worried about the actual babysitting part but Idk I just get extremely anxious leading up to a job. Last week I planned to go to my mom's friends house just to meet the baby and so she can show me around or whatever. Super casual, I've worked with the family but she had the baby recently so she wanted me to come meet her before babysitting. I'll only be there for like 15 minutes, but I'm so anxious and I've had an anxiety attack just thinking about it. I also have plans to babysit next week and I'm anxious about that as well. I don't know what it is that makes me so anxious but I don't think I can handle it much longer. One problem is that I've been waiting my whole life too be old enough to babysit so I don't really want to quit now. Also, I'm babysitting for two of my mom's friends and it's supposed to turn into more of a nanny thing where I'll be there around 3 times a week so Idk how to tell them now that I can't. The last and I think more important issue is that this is a very laid back and stress free jobs compared to others so I don't think I'd be able to handle other jobs any more than I can handle this. This is really the only job I can do right now... I just don't know what to do.
1 week
I don't have any social media platforms & don't like posting pictures of my child online, it's weird to me. I've asked his dad who isn't too involved not to do it either but he still does as well as his new girlfriend. Am I overreacting ? I feel like she did it to piss me off due to the fact she sees me asking his dad not to do it
1 week
listen, i ve never had sex. however my boyfriend fingered me and there may or may not have been ejaculate on his hamds or my hands. i feel like i m about to start my period, but it would be much too early. i heard that feeling like you re on your period is a sign of pregnancy. help?
2 weeks
So me and my husband are pregnant (finally 😁). Well my husbands best friend and his wife also have a small child that’s three. The husband works away from home and she’s a stay at home mom. Now we have known these people for ten plus years and he’s known his friend pretty much his whole life... I’ve never been close to her, we never hang out except if my husband and his friend hang out then I’ll go with him.prior to me being pregnant he would go away on a jobs and we’d never hear anything from her the whole time he’s gone. Now that I’m pregnant she blows up our cell phones, Facebook messenger and house phone. She’s constantly wanting to come over or have us come over. This is almost daily and even worse on the weekends, I’m talking multiple tries a day. Is this weird or are we just over thinking it? I just feel like it’s strange...
2 weeks
The "toddler" stage ends at about the age of three.

The age when the average child becomes aware of the concept of "growing up" happens soon after that - usually between the age of five to seven.

So - no - a baby or toddler does not understand the concept of being an adult someday.
3 weeks
I take my pill everyday at 8:15, some days I lay down after 5 minutes after taking it and go back to sleep for a while.Will this mess with the absorbency or effectiveness??Please help
4 weeks
Dude, they aren't worth putting this much thought into.

Besides, hurting their feelings isn't going to help the United States in the long run.
3 weeks
I am back in college again, and currently have four different babysitting jobs on the side. Two are consistent (same hours every Monday and Friday in the school year).The other is only in the summer or if the parents go on vacation. The other job though, has really inconsistent hours. She's got five people working for her, and a special needs child who is completely immobil and non verbal. I'm not really one to sit and do homework the whole shift. Sometimes a littlerto pass the time. But I feel like I should be doing interacting with her other kids, her child, and doing things around the house. But this month I've been ask to work four extra shifts last minute. I turned two down. But I have finally started saying if she needs me additional hours, I'm going to have to also work on homework... So tomorrow I'm now working 3.5 extra hours I plan to use at least that much time on school work. Honestly I try an plan my school work as much as possible around my schedule. But I know I can't put off my school responsibilities too.
4 weeks
Probably not, but even if that did, that wouldn't get you pregnant. Sperm do not have super powers. They need a good hard push up the vagina, which is what ejaculation is all about.
I wish we had better sex ed in this country!