10 hours
Our 3 year old is definitely difficult to handle. We have tried everything timeouts, therapy/counselor sessions, taking toys away, early bed time, no dessert. Nothing is working. No therapist has helped we have seen 5. He was expelled by 3 schools. Doctors say he has nothing wrong (diagnosis). I think he does, he does the same thing my nephew does, same symptoms (he is autistic and also 3). He is very aggressive (bites,hits,screams,punches,kicks etc) he is out of control. Nothing is working. He also can’t handle new situations or if something new happens he freaks out. At his pre school once they had a field trip and I was told he had a different time to go to the bathroom and get on bus and broke down in tears and in a tantrum on the floor. I am lost of what to do. I can’t even bring him in public. Parents don’t even trust there kids playing with my child, it breaks m heart he has no friends because no one can trust him. I have put him in extra activities (karate,little gym,swim etc) and has been kicked out of all. Also kicked out of summer camp. He currently is at home with a baby sitter who can barely handle him but.. any other diagnosis ideas he may have after hearing about him? That I can get him tested for. I don’t know if he should be a in a special needs school or... they won’t allow him now because of no diagnosis, please give me diagnosis areas I can get tested for! Thank you. (His name is Macon) (so u don’t have to say he)
3 days
My 2 year old’s aunt is 18 years old. We were visiting her today and for a little while I decided to clean up in the kitchen. My daughter’s aunt was in her bedroom, my daughter decided to go and follow her there. I quickly finished up and then started walking to the bedroom to get my daughter. Now my daughter is at a funny stage where she sometimes throws soft toys, nothing major, when she does it I just tell her it’s not okay as it hurts her toys and could potentially hurt someone else. So as I’m walking to the room my daughter throws her soft toy up to her Aunty who’s sitting on the bed. The aunt proceeds to throw her toy aggressively far out of the room. At this point I hear my daughter being confused and getting upset, she keeps asking ‘Aunty, why did you throw the toy? Why?’ and the aunt just doesn’t respond and keeps looking at her phone. At this point I just call for my daughter to come to me. My daughter tells me what happened and I just try to calm her down and get her away from the aunt.Is this unusual behaviour? What the aunt did? I feel like a regular person wouldn’t get so angry about a baby throwing a soft toy? Babies do a lot of things unintentionally and I feel it’s up to the adults to guide them. Not do things like this?Am I overreacting?
2 days
Is it because they think women are inferior to men?
4 days
What can I do to change him?He's African American.He isn't like the average black young man.He's still eat those spicy cheetos since he was 10 years old.There is something wrong with him.Plus he is a college nerd. And he wants to be a lawyer.But this blankie is really bothersome and disturbing.
2 days
Next time you’re at the white house they’ll probably serve you that
1 day
The best way to deal with whining is to work on better ways for your child to express his emotions. Teach him the WORDS that describe what he's feeling. For example: frustrated, mad, disappointed, sad, lonely, etc. Acknowledge the emotion, teach him the word for what he's feeling, and address his feelings or comfort him however he needs. Also accept the fact that he's only 2 years old and emotion regulation takes quite a while to learn. There are some adults that aren't that good at it, probably because they weren't effectively taught as children.
1 week
1) Stay the course. It may seem like holding your ground for 4 hours isn't getting you anywhere, but sometimes the battle of wills just needs to happen. Remind yourself that no matter how stubborn he is and how fed up you are, YOU are the grown-up and you can last longer.

2) Find new ways to get him to do what you want. Just issuing an order clearly isn't working, so like Tri-Harder said, try making it a game. You can also practice basic life skills by making it a game. For example, getting a box of tissues and pretend "sneezing" into them in a silly way that makes him laugh. It's goofy, it's fun, and it's modeling how to blow and wipe your nose.

3) Give him a pint-sized sense of power by giving him choices. Just limit them. For example, "It's dinner time! Do you want yummy peas and carrots, or do you want scrumptious pasta with red sauce?" Keeping his little world simple while giving him tiny bits of independence can work wonders at encouraging cooperation.

4) Google "anatomy of a tantrum." It will bring up some good resource that helped me a lot when my son was that age.
6 days
Yes.Your oldest is one year from being a (young adult).Give him more opportunities to decide his own schedule.Within limits.If he wants to stay up until all hours playing video games, then you need to guide him.But, its almost time for him to start governing himself.Time for you to help him ease into that transition.
5 days
he's probably ashamed or embarrassed about it. I would sit him down (if you haven't already) and tell him its a perfectly normal human function. just speak to him calmly about it and don't show your anger, as that could make him associate pooping with a negative emotion, which will make him even more unwilling. if this doesn't work and it really does become a huge issue then maybe consider further help such as seeing a doctor or therapy?? good luck.
7 days
I raised 7 kids and had that problem with all of them, gloves, coats, hats everything was always being taken off.I live in Wyoming where its usual to have below freezing temps. Besides following them around every minute I couldn't figure out to get them to leave everything on. Sorry I can't give you any helpful tips but I dont think it's possible, it's a kid thing.
1 week
Okay, this is extremely embarrassing to even ask, but I’ve been dealing with headlice since September. I’ve tried multiple treatment shampoos, combing them out every few days, I’ve tried vinegar, mayo, olive oil, baby oil, I bought a robicomb that’s supposed to zap the lice and it was a waste of money. I can’t afford to pay nearly $400 to take all of my children to a lice clinic to get it professionally cleaned, but I am so desperate for any advice on how to get rid of these bugs for good! I have girls so I cannot shave their heads!
2 weeks
Even when your child stops napping, quiet time in the late afternoon or before dinner is a must for three and four-year-olds, and a wise idea for five-year-olds, unless you actually like watching your child melt down.

The simplest way to tell whether a preschooler or kindergartener needs a nap is to watch him. If your child is getting about eleven hours of unfragmented sleep at night and seems well rested, cheerful and easy going during the day, it may be time to go from naps to quiet time. You might want to cut out naps every other day, rather than eliminate them completely,about forty- five minutes of structured, solitary play, preferably at about the same time every afternoon. It’s a time for children to rest their bodies and, to a lesser extent, their minds.

Good activities include looking at books, watching an age-appropriate, calm children’s video (leave fast-paced, action-packed cartoons for another time), coloring, or playing in their room with dolls, trains, trucks, or the like. The activity should not need a lot of adult interaction or supervision, so make sure the child is in a safe place. Some parents use a timer or alarm clock in their child’s room or in the hallway so their child knows when quiet time is over.
2 weeks
I have a question and needing some advice. I watch a little girl sometimes for a friend, she’s about the same age as my daughter. Around 4. She’s got older siblings but she is the youngest and the only one I watch, every time I watch her she tries to take toys away from my daughter and doesn’t want to share, I try and tell her to be nice and share and not to take things from someone’s hands and she screams and cries. If she doesn’t get the toy that second she throws a huge fit. My daughter shares and is used to other kids, I also have a 6 year old and watch other kids sometimes and they always share their toys but this one little girl just wants to take every toy my child touches then when her mom gets here she says I made her cry, all because I told her to share. What do I do?! I try and get her to play with other toys or share but then she tries to break things if she doesn’t get the toy she wanted.