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I’m on birth control paragaurd iud but I’m ovulating and it looks like if it was Sperm could I be pregnant? Even if I’m on the iud
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I wouldn't say anything until I had confirmation of pregnancy.

You are using birth control, right?
2 days
I personally did squats and was bouncing on a ball a day before my due date because I was so scared of going over and having to be induced or having a c-section. (My plan was to have a med free natural birth)
& it worked It actually put me in labor just hours later on my due date.
Walking, doing squats, lunges, stair climbing, and many other exercises can defiantly help u bring on and prep your body for labor naturally.
Keep in mind that no matter how many exercises u do the baby won’t come till he/she is ready but this is a great place to start... Best wishes & congrats (:
23 hours
It's normal to have a normal sex drive, to have no sex drive, or to have a crazy high sex drive. Pregnancy hormones affect us all differently, woman to woman and even pregnancy to pregnancy. Male partners can be affected, too, either being crazy attracted to their pregnant partners or having reduced sex drives. Seriously, it's ALL normal.
2 days
Around a week ago my boyfriend and I had sex with a condom, and I am on the pill and take it somewhat timely every day (within 2 hours). This was the night before I started my period, as I started first thing next morning. He didn’t ***, but the condom did break but we changed it right away. I’ve been having weird nausea and moodiness and my uterus has felt weird as well as dizziness and moderate headaches. I had my period as normal but now it’s been a little over a week and I’m starting to freak out. Please help!
2 days
could i be pregnant? did foreplay at the very end of december and got my period january 6. I would have to be ovulating to get pregnant right? and i’m pretty sure i wasn’t ovulating on the end of december if i got my period on january 6th. Would love some feedback.
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I agree.

I know a girl who recently turned 23. She has THREE kids and each kid has a DIFFERENT daddy. She is working at a pizza place (or at least she was a few months ago) and she has to live with her (real) dad to be able to raise her children. She needs to quit banging every guy she sees.
3 days
So I took multiple tests, and all are positive. I had a feeling that I might be pregnant even before taking the test. I’m 18, so young and being that this has never happened before to me i don’t know what to do. I’m happy, even though everyone will say I’m crazy. I know a handful of others our age that went to my school that are also prego/getting married. so these kinds of things aren’t new where I’m from. I have a good relationship, and me and my boyfriend were about to get an apartment together so we will have a place. We have good jobs so money is coming in. We both knew this could’ve happened, I’m excited about it, he’s a little worried.What should I do? What is something to keep in mind? Any tips, or positive words?
1 day
I had unprotected sex with this guy I've known for about 6 months. He's a decent amount older, so we have to keep it quiet. It happened almost a week ago(Friday) and I was supposed to get my period on Tuesday.. But it is now almost Friday and I still haven't gotten it. I have really bad cramps, am bloated, and just feel off. Could I be pregnant?
6 days
Your parents are going to miss out on a beautiful child then, hope they turn around when the baby arrives.Glad you have help and advise from his side though.
6 days
A healthy couple can take 12-18 months to conceive so 2 months of trying really isn't that long at all, the average time is around 9 months of trying and if your wife had been using any kind of hormonal birth control it may take a while for her fertilty to return depending on the method used.

Even if that wasn't the case there is nothing abnormal about your situation, the only answer is to keep trying and if she isn't pregnant after 12 months it would be reasonable to consider a visit to a doctor where usually the first thing to be checked is sperm count and then they would talk about tests for your wife if that came back as healthy.

It's still early days though and you can't rush these things, it's all a matter of letting nature take it's course, some people believe that it is better to have sex every other day because it increases sperm quality but aside from that the only other thing you could do is buy some ovulation prediction kits, she just needs to pee on a stick and they can be useful in pinpointing her most fertile times but if you are already having plenty of unprotected sex then I very much doubt that you are likely to be missing them anyway.
4 days
Is it possible i am pregnant?Hello all, me and my boyfriend had sex 3 weeks ago we used a condom( which i know arent 100 percent protection) and made sure there was no leaks by filling it up with water afterwards and now i am 3 days late on my period. This past two weeks has been the most stressful weeks in my entire life and this is adding to it . Is there a possibility that the stress can affect my period? We also use the pull out mehod along with the condom.update: took a pregnancy test today and it came out negative, it was also a clear blue test. Is this pretty accurate or is it too early ? It has been 4 days after my missed period.