20 hours
Parents have been turning the job of parenting over to the schools for decades now. It is sad, very sad.
2 days
My 7 year old will not wear his pants he says they are uncomfortable. If i put them on him he will have a tantrum. What should i do?
7 hours
My son is 20 and hia girlfriend is 16, her father was hiding in the closet and took video evidence on his phone making out,He has to report to jail in 3 days to begin a 90 day sentenceIf i send him to canada will he be free ?I live in texas if that helps
1 day
I’m a first time mother, with my 4 year old son.. I recently moved in with a house mate that seems to think my parenting is abusive.It’s a cold day, about -20 C, I had to run some errands and I was taking my son with me (we walk as I don’t drive) my son refused to put his coat on, it was almost an hour tantrum. I would put it on, he would rip it off, scream, and cry, stomp his feet and pout. I tried several times and he would just fight me.I decided that I would just let him come without his coat on, then he would learn common sense, you don’t wear a coat you get cold, it was your own fault.. ah next time I’ll put my coat on when it’s cold out.So we went, he was without his coat of course now crying that he was cold, I reminded him that next time maybe he should listen. I came home and my house mate was very upset saying that I should have made him wear it before leaving the house and that if he gets sick it’s my fault. Then she said she would call cps on me.You don’t get sick from being cold, you get sick from germs. Is this child abuse or good teaching for common sense?
2 days
Well,can't you just call and ask them to drive?And regarding the food,they may not want to spend money on fast food. They didn't tell you to take their kid to one. You feed their kid because you were feeding yours. When you call to ask them to drive ask what they're planning for dinner. Maybe they're packing sandwiches or going to fast food places, either way you can ask if they're covering your son since you covered theirs.
1 week
From what I see on the web site its not classified of 18+.
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Ok well do TOU remember anything fem when you were 31/2 or 1 becos i sure dont...... See ot is ok
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Hi my son talks to his mom on facebook and she is a *****. First of all i do bot want him on facebook at ALL BUT HE BLOCKED ME! So i cant see that he is on facebook. But i heard him talking to her on facebook so i unblocked her and saw she said happy birthday kyle wish i could be at the party blah blah but she is a slut!!!! She dodnt get custody because she was ******* a literal METH GUY (i reported him and he went to jail a few years ago) My son is also 6 and he should NOT be on favebook but i cant report him because he blocked me
6 days
Nevr. My youngest son is 42 an still gives me a big hug when we catch up.
5 days
My son is 10 years old. His dad disappeared when he was in diapers (1 1/2) and appeared again at 8 years old (took me to court for custody, judge granted him 3 weekends of the month) he had a lawyer, I didn’t because everyone told me my case was “strong enough”- stupid me. Since then it’s been nothing but undermining my parenting and controlling, intimidating and manipulating my son. I won’t even get into everything that has gone on since he’s been back in his life, let’s just say my son is afraid of him.This past weekend is really making me question wether I should take him back to court.Here it goes:His dad’s girlfriend asked my son and his half-brother why they didn’t like going over there on the weekends... The brother’s response was because he isn’t allowed to play video games there, she then tells them that there was once this woman who went around to different neighborhoods giving gifts (Xboxes,ps4’s, toys, etc.) to children who were playing outside for free! My son ENTICED, asks “hereeee???” She says “everywhere!”.Seriously!? Are you telling these kids that it’s okay to accept toys from strangers??? Completely going back on everything that I’ve taught my son NOT to do!My husband thinks I may be blowing things out of proportion... ummm... Moms, am I????
3 days
It might and it would probably be really fun for her at that age but I wouldn't force it or have any expectations at that age. Some children as they get older just aren't that interested in athletics even if they are good at it.
1 week
I know a few people who starve their children several hours in order to punish/discipline them. They call this "tough love." I agree that being tough on kids is the best way to help them learn, but I don't know about starving them... What do you think?
1 week
My daughter is close with this group of three girls, we’ll call them L, K & E. One of the girls, L, has a compromised immune system and has done since she was little, as a result the other two girls and her parents are really careful to not allow L to get sick. L’s the only one of her siblings to not be vaxxed. My daughter isn’t vaxxed, we don’t believe in them. She’s healthier without them, she’s better just building a strong immune system. She caught measles just before NYE and was going to school until school sent her home and told us not to send her in until she was better as she was exposing other kids to measles. Now L has measles and is very sick with it. K & E aren’t talking to her because they think she’s given L measles when she could have caught it from anywhere. L’s mother has told me that she doesn’t want my daughter near her’s until mine is vaxxed. Which isn’t going to happen. If L had a strong immune system, she would have been fine.How can I help my daughter not be excluded from her friends without comprising my beliefs?
4 days
Yes.He needs to abide by the court order or suffer the consequences.If you give him an inch, he will take a mile.And remember getting arrested isn't you giving him consequences, its the court who does so.