18 hours
If they were well behaved and joined in with the service (singing/prayers etc.) We always share two or three song sheets between us so the smoke can just be blown across our group and not onto others.
7 days
And what would happen if a 14 Year old dates a 13 Year old?
4 days
Hanging out with the wrong people. Dropping general lifestyle and being more absent. If its about somebody you know, you gotta ask and care, expecting them to just change because you 'caught' them wont do anything.
2 weeks
I want to drive one day but want to know how difficult it is to do.and what I need to know, I've always felt the idea terrifying
2 weeks
They're suffocating me with their over-controlling nature
1 week
I basically asked if Nancy Pelosi has ever had a stroke before, which I concluded based on the stagnant and overall weak expression on her face. But instead of writing stroke, I accidentally wrote "stoke" instead without even realizing it. I received a notification that my brother had responded, and the only thing he wrote in his response was "What's a stoke?" This made me realize my mistake, and then I couldn't stop laughing, and I still can't. Is it weird that I found this so funny and that I can't stop laughing about it? Because it's been like an hour and I still can't stop laughing. I will probably randomly think about it tomorrow and then start laughing again, and people in public will think it is weird because they won't know why I am just randomly laughing.
2 weeks
That's messed up relationships for ya, been there done that... still doing it sadly
2 weeks
Doesn't sound like it.
2 weeks
Night at his place and my brother in laws wife is always flirty and touchy and that really bugs the crap out of me because in no way I behave like that with anybody’s spouse it’s just not okay any advice i will be talking to him
2 weeks
Moms, what do you wish your teens would do once in a while, or what do your teens do that stress you out. I want to understand where my mom is coming from when she is lecturing me.