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My girlfriend is 6 months pregnant and I told her I like the name Adolf
2 days
Amaranth Lucy
Marietta Lucy
Gabrielle Lucy
Sydney Lucy
Tessa Lucy
23 hours
I occasionally go through my teens’ phones. I have passwords to their accounts. They know this. I found out he smoked weed about 3 months ago. He also drinks at his buddy’s house. I’ve made it very clear to him that thiswill not be tolerated. That almost everything is ok in moderation but at his age he has no business doing these. I grounded him for about 3 weeks maybe and he has been subject to random drug tests. This weekend he went to his cousins and the cousin recorded them smoking weed and uploaded it to snapchat. His aunt brought him home and told me. We have addictions in the family so he is more prone to addictive traits. He also gets a scholarship for school and will lose it if he tests positive. The first punishment did nothing obviously. He says he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. How do I punish him effectively?
1 day
Being bullied since kid?, that's hard enough to forget but you should be her protection next time from the danger
6 hours
I have a 16 year old daughter who is a complete tomboy She’s all about football and always in her football kits or tracksuits. We have a family wedding in March and don’t have a clue what she will wear as she refuses to wear dresses. What can I put her in that will look smart but she will also feel comfortable in?
1 day
I'm 16 (17 in a few months) and had sex on Feb 15. We used a condom, but he didnt pull out because he wanted me to finish first. It was normal though, no leaks or breaks. I saw an article that even a tiny bit of semen can impregnate. He did finger me a few mins afterwards so idk if he had a tiny bit of semen on his fingers. I always have irregular periods. Sometimes its like i skip every other month. I can't remember if I had it last month, but I'm expecting until the end of this month to get mine. I feel 0 symptoms but it's just been 2 days. Both him and I are scared and we regret doing something so stupid. If I am we're afraid to break it to our parents who are not only religious but said for me not to get pregnant or him not to impregnate. We're planning on a test,an abortion if I am (I don't want a child, especially not at this age). And we vowed now to never have sex unless we use the pill, pull out, and condom, or until marriage. But am i just overthinking?
22 hours
Sit your mother-in-law down, pour her a glass of water. Make direct eye contact and say, respectfully mind yo' muthxfxkn business bxtch! This is my gotdaxmn child not yours ho. Your glory days are long over, are we clear?
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Athena Delfina Rose / Athena Julieta Rose??
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Yes - very nice
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My 3 year old son is potty trained and wets his bed daily. He has a diaper on at night but I want to find a way where he does not have to wear one. I feel he is getting a little to old for a diaper anyway I want him to sleep in underwear. We have tried no drinks a hour before, go the bathroom before bed both have not worked. Any tips?