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Especially not Justin Trudeau- I can’t believe what a moron he is
3 days
Hell no.
U S citizens can'treciprocally become citizens anywhere in the world. ( not that we would want to)
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It would seem to me that Illegal Aliens would commit very few crimes in the US, because they don't want the chance to be caught and sent back to their very poor or dangerous countries.What are your thoughts on this?Do you agree or disagree and WHY?
9 hours
The border wall will save more lives in the first year of operation, than Obama Care and Abortion combined.A load of concrete for wall footings arrives in Eagle Pass Texas.
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I am a 23 year old male, software engineer (no degree but over 12 years self taught). I am wanting to become a UK citizen where I wish to spend the rest of my life. Many generations ago my family settled in America from the UK. Sadly I can not prove so; but my mother and gran can. Once again, sadly mummy has passed of cancer years ago and gran following by old age. I have no other family residing. I have done some research and it shows I will need a work visa. My questions follow.1. If I get a tier 2 or 5 work visa where or how will i live find a living quarters?2. I do not care of the specific company I will work for (one day a major company or even the police force, military, or MI6 would be nice but I will settle for a simple job to get by for as long as I have to) but how do I go about finding specific companies? I have found a liat of 29,000 companies but no specifics or contact info.No negative or disrespectful comments please. I am simply trying to find answers without having to do extensive research but have no problem continuing doing so. I plan on setting an appointment up with the embassy very soon. I want to do this this legal and right way, regardless of how long it takes. I am willing to put forth as much money and hard work I need.I also have studied many laws, currency, cultural lifestyles, history, etc. for quite sometime. Thank you and God bless
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I don't understand this system, if someone that comes from a different country, lives in America and breaks laws, even the serious ones he committed especially after being arrested, like he has, why hasn't he been deported? And then you have people like Theresa Gudience's husband, commits a serious crime, he's getting deported? I thought if you get caught committing a crime as an immigrant in this country, you get deported, what's the deal here?
3 days
I dont think they should
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I think this is a difficult one, the mother was only 15 or something when she left-so easily manipulated.....I m not excusing her actions at all- but we can try to understand them. Despite this-she is a British citizen so it s unfair of us to leave her with another country; she s our responsibility.
However, I completely understand if you disagree with me on this. However the child is the problem. I don t think this innocent, unborn child should pay the price for her mother s mistakes; sentenced to a life of malnutrition and poverty.
That s all. There s too much pain in the world, why add more?
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Germany only offers citizenship if one of your parents was a German citizen (who was born in Germany) at the time of your birth.
For Spain you have to prove that they were exiled from Spain during the Spanish Civil War. This is not easy to prove.
The easiest is to marry an Italian citizen. You don't even have to live in Italy to get citizenship. You just have to be married to an Italian for 3 years if living outside of Italy or 2 years if living in Italy to be able to apply. So either make a trip to Italy and try to find someone who wants to be with you and eventually marry you. Or use dating sites that allow you to search based on nationality or language spoken and try to find someone Italian. Or if you are in a big city, look on Facebook, Meetup, etc to see if there are any groups for Italians in your area or check if there is an Italian chamber of commerce that holds events
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I am a US citizen ( through naturalization) and my wife is a green card holder. We just had a baby born in the United States. Can my wife become a US citizen now? Or she has to wait for 5 years ( to complete the requirement of being present in the United States for 5 years).