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My fiance & I have been together 6 yrs (engaged for 4) although we're engaged we're in no rush to race down the alter when we're happy just being engaged as of right now.There's no time limit on being engaged and marrying so why do people obsess with a short engagement by getting married quickly? (By short I mean 1 year after getting engaged)Why do people (especially on here) think a long engagement means not ever planning to marry when it doesn't mean that AT ALL?
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I have 3 bridesmaids, they’re my 2 sisters and my fiance’s younger sister Jess. My sisters have hair that reaches their bra strap. Jess on the other hand has incredibly long hair, I believe it’s mid thigh. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s near her knees as it’s been a while since I have seen her hair down. It’s very well kept hair, it’s very soft and very shiny. I want my bridesmaids to look similar. I wanted them to have their hair down and curled but Jess’ hair is far too long to do that with. Is it wrong to ask Jess to a couple of inches off her hair?In the UK the bride and groom pay for dress, hair, shoes, etc. I know when Jess got married, she asked me to not dye my hair a bright colour before her wedding as she didn’t want me to stand outin the pictures. Is this not the same thing? I haven’t asked her yet, my fiancé thinks I shouldn’t ask her at all and just do something else with my bridesmaids’ hair.
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You know how they said girls dream of having a big wedding, growing up all that bs... Im 22 and still dont want anything like I rather go on a vacation than have a wedding, I dont like the whole concept of a wedding. Am I weird or what?
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My friend Matt is getting married to my sister Jess, and he’s asked me to be his best man. They had previously been together when Jess was a teenager and had a child together but split not long after their daughter was born. She’s now a teenager.Matt has stated since he asked me to best man that he doesn’t want a stag. He doesn’t see the point because his “last night of freedom” in his eyes was the night before his daughter was born. We share a number of friends and they’re starting to try and pressure me into planning a stag. I know if I tried to plan one Matt would be annoyed and spend the whole night being stubborn and sulking and that’s if he came out. Our friends want to go out on a Saturday, but for Matt saturdays are spent doing to the football, usually with his daughter, and none of our friends would be willing to spend a Saturday afternoon at the football. Going out on a Friday night would be impossible because he spends it with Jess usually watching a film and doing a beauty treatment together, so he can go to the football on Saturday. To him that time with Jess is sacred and nothing comes between it.Should I try explaining to them he doesn’t want one? Or just book something like football knowing none of them will go?
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My SO and I have been together for 7 years, engaged for 1 year. We get along great. We have the same interests, life goals and dreams. This is true love. However I m worried things won t work out because we both come from poor backgrounds and both have screwed up family backgrounds. I have zero support from family weather it s financial or moral support. I grew up on assistance and in low income housing with my "dad" and have been struggling financially ever since. I have 2 kids from a previous relationship in which I get zero help from the "father" but somehow have still managed and my fiance is very very good with them. Treats them as if they are his own. My fiance works with his dad who runs his own shop but faces financial struggles due to his wife(my fiance mom) not working and his other son(fiance brother) not working even though he is able bodied and capable of working but hasn t had a job a day in his life and he is now 33 years old still living at home so because of this my fiance works 3 jobs on top of helping at the shop to help his dad out so we end up not seeing each other very much or can t afford to save for our wedding or to save money for travelling and it s really straining our relationship. Between his personal problems and my own, I don t know how it s going to work or if it will even work, let alone change. I don t know what to do.
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June and December are months, not days.

The best date for a couple depends on a number of factors, including where/how they want to get married (eg outdoor weddings require better weather, seasons are different depending on where you are in the world)
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When they ask for a pic of the couples parents on each side, what happens if there's a divorce?Dad remarried. The mother, stepmother and father on one side? Or just mom and dad even tho divorced?
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My best friend is getting one of her bridesmaids. I know she is excited and I want her to be happy but I feel that she is asking for too much. I'm spending 200 dress, 200 in makeup and hair, 50 in shoes and jerwerly and I'm planning her bridal shower which might be an extra 300. She is getting married on a Friday so I requested that day off. She is doing her bachelorette in a fancy hotel 2 weeks before her wedding and also a Friday. We have to pay 300 for one night. I wanted to make her happy so agreed . Check in is a 3:00pm and since I work until 3:30 I decided to take only a half day off because I am already taking a Friday off for her wedding. She asked 2 weeks ago if i was taking the day off for her bachelorette and I said that I will be taking a half day and I will be meeting her there. Well she sent a message saying that she schedule an SPA appointment for all of us at 1pm. Again check in is at 3pm . I told her that I will be getting out at 12 and since it is 1hr30 mins away I will be late. She got upset saying that I had enough time to take the day off that I told her I will be taking the day of the bachelorette off. I remind her that I did told her it was a half day and she replies saying that she wanted all the bridesmaid to leave all together because it was going to be "really fun". She said it was not cool of me to do that. Please be honest , am I being difficult? I want to make her happy but I can't be risking my job either. Should I take the day off?
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Ahh, thank you for the good laugh.A four year old toddler CANNOT be a bridesmaid.

Whatever the toddler'stitle or role, if the bride choses to have her as a bridal attendant, being an unruly child is the real issue here.

I would not have a little spoiled brat in my wedding party, regardless of her title.

However, it seems that the problem at hand in your question is not about if the child should be allowed to participate in the bridal party's activities the day of the wedding but rather what title the little brat is awarded.Tell your friend to call the kid a flower girl, but let the pushy Grandma call her a bridesmaid.Because, at the end of the day, that little kid will not fool anyone into thinking she is a brides maid because she is, in fact a flower girl all day long.
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I paid almost $2000 to order my daughter's wedding dress from David''s bridal. It should be here in a month. I just heard they are going thru bankruptcy. Should I be worried?
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I'm gonna do the fake thing.I look at is as a test...if she gets it appraised? I don't want her to marry me anyway
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If you RSVP yes, you need to tell the bride and groom asap.

We could changed the count up until three days before hand.
Depending on the venue, they might be able take you off the account.

You need to let the couple go.

Not showing up, is rude, unless something happens the day of the wedding.
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Do you live near these cousins? How about you give some parties and invite them? Let them know that you want a relationship with them by inviting them to join you and a couple friends for pizza or something.
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Only if you have spent those eight months talking about your future lives, about your dreams, expectations and plans, and if you know enough about each other to know that your morals, values, and ethics are a good match.

Talking about "getting engaged" is ridiculous unless both of you are ready for total commitment to a future together.
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Those parents will go to hell since they are trying to break a covenant (Rom 1:31-32).They don't even have to be successful.

As Jesus put it, "So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate" (Mt 19:6).She and her husband need to get away from her parents.