3 days
Which signs do you think. I thinkGemini witty cute. i like their little witty sarcastic remarksLeo playful cute. how they actLibra sexy cute. things they say and how they say it. light hearted personalityPisces innocent cute. how they act and the things they say
18 hours
Generally male belonging to Fire and Water signs are better looking.
3 days
It’s really based the person upbringing .... following this bullshit so long thinking this make believe ****! I just want a good person that shares the same interest and have good qualities
4 days
This put a smile on my face, so many similarities..
Love is beautiful when it comes from a pure heart. BUT, NEVER let your heart controls your mind completely
Xoxo to my fellow evil pisceans.. I mean cute cute
1 day
a lot of wonnen like to talk a lot, it has nothing to do with their horoscope
2 days
I know i sound crazy and I prob am but, today i went to get donuts from a place thats like 0.7 miles away from me. I got the donuts then went back in my car and my car wasnt starting. I tried everything a million times, so i facetimed my dad and he saw on the dashboard that it said the battery was dead. I tried again and again even waited 10 mins, it wasnt working. I texted my ex (a car guy, we broke up 2 weeks ago) and i even tried while he was texting me and it didnt work. He facetimed me and said show me ur car, so when i went to show him how its not turning on it just turned on right away.. i dont know if its a sign or what im thinking right now lol. Also went to check my zodiac thing and it was the love for today was taurus (his sign) im kinda tripping
5 days
I have seen many beautiful Aquarius women, they are beautiful without makeup and surgery
1 day
Do you go by western astrology? I am a libra sun aries moon and cap. Rising and i am extremely quiet, is that the rising /:
6 days
Im a cancerian myself and i've notice many others are like that too. I cant do groups of 10-15 ppl and if so happend Ill only conversate with 3-4 of those people
1 day
He is a Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aries Venus, and Aries Mars
6 days
Sagittarius is more like Gemini.