2 days
Does it have algae? get a hand held scraper. Buy a gravel washer with siphoning. If you have algae against the glass you scrape it, and the floating algae you take a fish net and move it back and forth thru the aquarium picking up the floating algae, you then siphon the gravel with the washer, and do a 15% water change, you replace with declorinated water. You do that once every two weeks, in the meanwhile you replace evaporated water every day or every other day. IT'S NOT HARD. DON'T MESS WITH THE FILTER UNTIL LATER ON AND THAT DEPENDS ON WHAT BRAND YOU BUY.
21 hours
I got a black molly today and it wouldn’t stop attacking my goldfish. I took it out and put it in a water jug. I’m going to return her tomorrow. I can’t keep the jug warm. Think she will survive?
1 day
I got a female veiltail beta fish from petsmart yesterday. I picked her out out of all of them because I thought she was the “chillest” but now that she’s homeI’m realizing she’s just sick! I don’t want to misdiagnose her. I think she might have velvet but as you can see in the photo she also has those red/copper spots on her head? Can someone tell me what this is? And if you see anything else she has?
5 days
Fish should be fed once a day - 3 times a day is a good way to overfed the fish and create more mess in the tank with uneaten food.
2 days
My fish is male and a Betta fish. He has a pink body and blue puffy tail so I imagine he likes to dance and dress up. So I imagine that he would be a fashionable and stylish guy if he was human but also imaginative
1 week
You need to test them out first to make sure it’s fish safe.

First do a water test on the water before you do anything.

Put it in water and let it sit several hours to overnight. The next day see if there’s a water color change. If it’s another color then it’s provably not safe.

Do a water test the next day and see if there’s any changes. If there is then it’s not fish safe.

You also have to worry about the weight. Too many bricks can make your stand collapse.
1 week
No mix of fish is suitable for a 10 gallon tank. A "mix" of fish would be called a community. Community tanks are for 30 gallons at least, or more. You can have one species of very small fish in a 10 gallon. 1 betta or a small school of neon tetras would be suitable. Bettas and neons need heaters. And any tank should have a filter. You could go another route with a snail and shrimp tank, rather than fish.

Rummy nose tetras could be suitable with a very small school, no other species. Again, 10 gallons is a one micro species only tank size. You say you don't want it to be completely stocked, but at the same time you want multiple species. That's impossible to accommodate. Either you get a bigger tank or you have one micro tank species.

Gouramis are an absolute no. They need at least 30 gallons.
1 week
I’ve tried pellets, bloodworm, shrimp and other two dried food that I forgot the name of. I’ve heard they’re picky so that’s why I try a lot but another problem is that she’s not even trying the food. I’ve turned off the light as well cause I heard it stresses them out but that doesn’t seem to work either. I’m not sure what’s wrong but I’m about to flush her if she doesn’t eat. I have a male as well but he is completely fine with his food and doesn’t seem pickyhe eats everything. The betas live side by side in one aquarium separated by a wall and I’m not sure if that’s why she’s not eating cause I’ve never heard of that and the people from pets mart seem to think it’s not a problem either.
2 weeks
I have two goldfish in a 5.2 gallon tank. The one is slightly bigger, and a couple years older. Today I came home and saw my fish. His tail kinda seems slashed? It seems it’s in actually stuck in the sides of the filter. I don’t know what happened, but there also seems to be some kind of white stands covering his eye. What is going on and will he be ok? I took a picture with his eye and tail in good view but I can’t attach it here. I’ll gladly email someone who might know what is wrong the picture. Please respond.
2 weeks
It been a day and my tank is already smelly.
3 weeks
I have a dwarf gourami, a potbelly Molly, Pictus catfish, and a platy