2 days
I do not have a cockatiel yet, though i want to buy one. but before i buy one, i want to make sure he or she has a place to stay when im gone.I only work a few hours in the morning, from 9:00 to 12:00, monday till im almost always at home.I only go on vacation once a year at most, never longer than 10 days. Though if i would go to Austria, it will probably be around 12/14 days, because of such a long journey.A year back i had a budgie, that stayed at home when i was away. for 8 days. Once a day the neighbours manually refreshed water and replaces all the seeds /food. And we had a timer running connected to a radio, so that once a few hours a day, the radio turned on and she still heard some music and voices talking.But what if i would do everyting described above, but then with a cockatiel?Will it be okay to leave a cockatiel at home like that? Or perhaps not?And what about a parrot? A caigue parrot to be exact. will that work as well?I cant find any places to keep the bird for 8 to 10 days. And i do not like the idea of having a stranger walking in the house at all.If anyone reading this is from the netherlands: I live in the netherlands, in Zwolle.Mabey someone who is dutch knows a place in Zwolle, or near Zwolle where i can keepmy bird?(i dont have a bird yet, but as soon as i know a reliable bird shelter/other alternative i will buy one)
3 days
If it is dark outside he may be responding to another light source. Or he may just be a bird brain. If by "night" you mean very early in the morning...aka sunrise.. thats when they think its time to sing as lowdly as possible.
4 days
I want to get 2 budgies that are brothers but I heard they fight each other. Is this true?
1 week
Why are you trying to touch the egg? I don't trust you!!! That's my baby *SQUAK SQUAK*

Yeah.. better just leave it be.
1 week
Before you spend the money to get the birds checked, see if you can work out an arrangement.You clean the mess.You vacuum and keep the area clean and you clean the cage.Tell her that you will do it - they will be "your" responsibility.If she agrees to it, then get them tested.Perhaps, there is a cure.If she still doesn't want the mess, you have a difficult decision.I have a bird I took in because the woman moved in with her bf and she didn't want the mess, but that bird was also banished to one of the kid's bedrooms and that child never gave it a moment of time.The bird ended up neglected.Do you intend to marry this woman some day?Or is the relationship rocky and you just "want" it to work, but there is a good chance that it might not.Don't give up the birds if you love them and she may not be the one you marry.If you want to marry her eventually and having a clean house is important, then give up the birds.It could otherwise be a match made in heaven.But only you can decide.Birds are not for everybody and not every bird is a dream bird.Some are very messy.Others, not so much.What's worse than the mess is trying to scrub the peel of grapes off the wall.It's so hard to soften that it sometimes peels off the paint.Some birds make for a very time consuming hobby.
2 weeks
Dexter, Thomas, Spike, Charlie, Pop-eye, Peter, Lucky, Wally,Barney, Peanut, Sakura, Melika, Maleah, Marlu, Scully, Ceaser, Kevin, Ralph, Henry, Pop, Gramps, Red Dufresne, Charles, George, Jimmy, Hercules, Apollo, Zeus, Hero, Kel, Brett, Buddy
1 week
I recently got a 2nd budgie to keep my other one company. The take turns laying inside of the food bowl and the other one climbs on top. I don t think it is mating thing as one just lays there all puffed out and the other one crawls on top and they just sit there and they nap all puffed out. The "bottom" or thetop" bird can change so I don t think it is a dominance thing because the bottom one can be the top one next time. What does this behavior mean? Is this normal?
1 week
I used to have 2 lovebirds but one of them sadly passed away recently. I'm worried that the one that's left is going to get lonely without him, especially because I have to go to college for around 5 hours every weekday so my lovebird is left alone in the house.I put some music on for him while I'm out and also some bird sounds every so often. Is there anything else I can do to make him feel less lonely? Thanks in advance :)